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Cardo utilizes cutting edge software and an experienced team of hosts to manage your vacation rental. We offer event based messaging and SMS automation to owners, guests and vendors, 24 hour dynamic price updating, and round the clock customer service support for guests. We create strategic partnerships with local professionals to ensure your home will always be in good hands.

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We are marketing pros

We use advanced SEO and marketing tactics to get your home in front of as many potential guests as possible, leading to more bookings for you! We will market your property on multiple vacation rental channels. With hundreds of thousands of travelers searching worldwide, your property will receive the maximum occupancy at top dollar year round. We also utilize callback methods to close leads and win business, as well as drip marketing campaigns to earn repeat business year after year.

24/7 guest support

All guest communication is handled with the utmost professionalism. Emergency help lines are open to give your guests the best service whenever they need it the most.

Always clean, always maintained

We intend to protect your investment. Our housekeeping partners thoroughly clean your unit and provide hotel quality white linens for your guests. Rented linens means lower costs for you. When you opt for vacation rental guests instead of long term tenants, you'll benefit from no mold buildup, less dirt tracked on carpet, clean stoves & fridges, and no garbage for bugs or vermin to call home. You never again have to worry about a dirty tenant trashing your investment. With our comprehensive Property Care Service, your home is always well maintained, making sure it is perfect for every guest!

Success starts at the beginning

We will produce a promotional video for your property, install noise alert alarms if you have sensitive neighbors, install electronic door locks for security and even help you decorate if your home needs a refresh. All this leads to a smooth and successful campaign for your vacation rental.

Monthly accounting and payout

We enjoy working hand in hand with our property owners. Effective communication ensures there are no surprises! You will always be in the know with transparent, easy to read monthly financial statements.

We love your neighbors

Every guest is required to agree to our Good Neighbor Policy when they agree to the House Rules. Your neighbors will love that we strictly enforce peace and quiet, loud music and voices are squashed by noise alert devices, and smoking is never allowed in the property. The happiness of you and your neighbors is our #1 concern and we gain trust through transparency of operation.

$1,000,000 liability + vacation rent insurance

Your home will be covered by $1,000,000 in liability insurance. We also take a standard security deposit for immediate payment from guests in case of damage, but for cases it exceeds the deposit amount, we require that all owners use vacation rental specific insurance provided by Proper Insurance. They also cover circumstances special to vacation rentals such as loss of income.

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I offered my home to Cardo to manage as an Airbnb rental. We are about 9 months in and I couldn't be happier with the decision. The rent is paid like clockwork and I haven't had one of those dreaded "tenant calls" that any landlord can relate to. I've been to the property a few times and it's always in immaculate condition, much better than any tenant would keep it. I've done the alternative and I'll never go back if I can help it,  I'd recommend this to any landlord hands down.
Chris M., Point Loma, San Diego, CA